In cooperation with TNO Defence, Safety & Security, Shaded Dome Technologies has obtained an assignment from the Dutch Ministry of Defence to modify the Shaded Dome to make it suitable for ballistic protection to the dome. The current Shaded Dome concept fits perfectly with the ambition of the Dutch Ministry of Defence to set up and operate a base in a more flexible and adaptive manner, and with a smaller logistical footprint.

Shaded Dome is a semi-permanent inflatable climate-controlled facility that is secured with steel cables. A membrane structure covers the dome and protects it against often demanding climatological conditions like for example solar radiation, wind, high air temperatures, humidity and precipitation. In addition, Shaded Dome has a very low energy consumption. Initially, Shaded Dome Technologies developed the Shaded Dome as a cool, adaptable and sustainable indoor training sports facility. However, in addition to being a sports facility, the Shaded Dome turned out to be very interesting for other applications, such as a mobile hospital, a mess hall, accommodation, production facility and a museum.

As Shaded Dome is extremely light, it can easily be transported by air and moreover can quickly be set up and expanded as desired. As a result, Shaded Dome can be a sustainable and promising alternative to the 20 ft containers that the Dutch Ministry of Defence resides in during peacekeeping missions nowadays. The challenges for the Fieldlab Smart Base are threefold: improve protection, reduce energy and water and improve logistics services. In a few years time, the Shaded Dome is expected to meet the goal for a zero ecological footprint.

The second prototype of Shaded Dome has meanwhile been completed. The current Shaded Dome is not yet suitable as a military facility. The material of which the dome is made actually does not yet provide the desired protection against explosive materials. Over a one-year period, the prototype will be tested extensively at the Field Smart Base of the Ministry of Defence at Soesterberg to experience its usability for Fieldlab Smart Bases.

On July 11th 2017, Shaded Dome Technologies was founded by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, Royal HaskoningDHV and Poly-Ned.